Small businesses are the backbone of New Hampshire’s economy. And they are getting back to work safely thanks to President Trump and Governor Sununu. However, Jeanne Shaheen has repeatedly put Chuck Schumer’s politics before New Hampshire’s people. She blocked a $500 billion bridge bill that would have brought critical relief to Granite Staters. Corky knows the challenges small businesses are facing in these uncertain times, because unlike Jeanne Shaheen, he has meaningful experience in the real world. After graduating from West Point and his service in the United States Army, he built a business from scratch, creating hundreds of good jobs. He is running for the United States Senate to preserve the American Dream for New Hampshire families and for future generations. Corky believes strongly in individual liberty, economic freedom, low taxes and free market capitalism. He believes the best way the government can help our economy is to get out of the way.

We don’t have to look further than the COVID-19 pandemic to understand the importance of fiscal responsibility to understand just how important fiscal responsibility is in federal budgeting. When times are good, we have to hold the line on spending so we have the flexibility to react when times are not so good. Our huge national debt threatens the country’s prosperity, national security and future generations. But career politician Jeanne Shaheen has added $50,000 of debt to every New Hampshire child and our overall national debt has doubled since she came to the Senate.

Among the U.S. Senate’s most important responsibilities is providing “advice and consent” for federal judicial nominations. Unlike Jeanne Shaheen, Corky will only vote to confirm judges committed to the Constitution and the rule of law, and who don’t try to write laws from the bench. Corky supports confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. And, unlike DC Jeanne Shaheen, he’s calling out politicians who want to expand and “pack” the Supreme Court with judicial activists. He will always oppose any effort to do so.

Unlike Jeanne Shaheen — who co-sponsored Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All plan — Corky does not support socialized medicine. Corky supports the free-market healthcare system that has seen our nation lead the world in care and life-saving innovations. He supports transparency in services which he believes will help drive down costs. Corky supports care for those with pre-existing conditions and permitting young people to remain on their family’s health insurance plans, but does not think the status quo helps Granite Staters.

My grandparents immigrated to this country from Lebanon, so I know first hand that the United States is a nation rich with people who have immigrated from all over the world to embrace our way of life. Legal immigration has contributed to the success of this country. Sadly though, our system is broken – delaying those seeking opportunity by following our laws, but rewarding those who break the rules. The security of our nation and protection of its communities from criminals, drugs and human trafficking, depends upon our willingness to stop illegal immigration and protect our borders.

After graduating from West Point, Corky went on to serve as a Commanding Army Infantry Ranger, defending liberty guarding the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. Corky is proud to be the father of two West Point cadets – his oldest having just graduated in June.

Honoring the brave men and women who currently serve or have served our country is something Corky cherishes. National security is the first and most important responsibility of our federal government, thus he believes our military must always have the training and equipment necessary to succeed in their missions. However, he understands that America cannot and should not be the world’s policemen.

Corky also believes commitments to our veterans continue after their service. New Hampshire has a vibrant veteran community and our veterans should have the ability to receive quality health care locally in the Granite State rather than driving out-of-state to a full-service VA Hospital. To make that easier, he supports the Mission Act. To assist with education, he is proudly behind the Forever GI Bill. For those service members who sadly have fallen in duty, he knows our commitment to them must always continue through support to their families.

Corky believes in freedom, liberty, and in the right to bear arms, envisioned by our Founders and protected by our Constitution. He will fight any legislation that would infringe upon the Constitutional right of Granite Staters to defend themselves, their families, their homes or to engage fully in hunting and other shooting sports.

A businessman, West Point Graduate, and father of three, Corky believes that a high-quality education is foundational to accessing opportunity and achieving the American Dream. Corky opposes Washington mandates that take control and choices away from parents and local communities. He believes each child should have access to the education that best supports his or her academic success and it should be up to the family to make these important decisions. Families need educational choice - public schools, home school, charter and private schools.

Corky is a pro-life candidate that stands with the women of the pro-life movement.

Unlike Senator Shaheen, Corky holds the reasonable approach of supporting increased funding for adoption services and eliminating federal funding for abortion providers, while ensuring that women have access to the healthcare they need. He supports the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (the 20-week or 5-month ban), Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance Policy (formerly the Mexico City Policy) and believes that the Hyde Amendment should be made permanent.

All of these positions are in stark contrast to Jeanne Shaheen who holds an extreme position on this issue.